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Albedor Industries Produces High Quality Cabinet Doors

Albedor is family business which is located in Australia. It has been in business since 1979 and is a leading manufacturer in cabinet doors. They have a philosophy to never compromise on quality and style. The only use the best quality of materials, combined with the latest technology, to produce routed doors that are of an exceptional quality.

Albedor is known far and wide in the cabinet making industry because of their quality and dependability. Their lead times are very reasonable, making them desirable to builders and architects who depend on them meeting their time schedule.

Each door which Albedor produces is individually checked before being shipped. All of their products are cleaned after their construction, and then they are wrapped to insure they are not damaged during packing. Albedor guarantees their products will arrive at the vendor in perfect condition.

More and more builders and designers are using Albedor products for kitchen and bath construction. They produce a design that is stylish, as well as versatile.

Albedor Industries is also proud to be a member of the Australian Thermo Laminating Association (ATLA), along with the Cabinet Makers Association. ATLA is comprised of Australian manufacturers who are consistent in providing high quality laminated products which are used in the building industry. Their members are active in the development of policies and strategies which they use to network and share information. This networking helps to educate the customer and supply the consumer with their needs.

All ATLA members must meet the specified requirements of a code of conduct which protects the interests of the consumer, thereby providing the consumer with a high quality product using the most professional manner possible.

There is diversity in the ATLA members in the many different products they offer. They use a process which coats a panel over all edges with an overlay of film or foil, often thought of as vinyl. The primary use for these products is in the kitchen and bath for the cabinets and counters. They are offered in a wide range of colors, finishes, and designs.

Seeing the ATLA seal lets the consumer know that the laminated products offered have the ability to meet the high quality requirements which are required by the association. Each product comes with a certificate of compliance.

Albedor offers door designs that can change the look and feel of the kitchen. With such a variety of door designs you will find the one that makes your kitchen look exactly how you want it to.

Simply smooth provides the consumer with smooth, linear lines that styled in a flat manner and offers function and great style. In addition to elegance, this style is easy to maintain. Detail edging provides a simple, but long lasting sense of style.

Understated elegance incorporates two very prominent styles which are sophisticated and fashionable in any setting. The Alexandra and Dorie both offer soft and narrow profiles that give a hint at understated elegance. It your tastes lead to a more contemporary style you might want to choose the Sarah or Angela.

Style and prestige offers you a range many designs such as classic, traditional, modern, or contemporary. Practically anybody can find something in this range to suit their tastes. The gloss finish allows for easy cleaning but yet is not imposing. Doors within this category of style will make your kitchen a focal point in your home.

Inspirational is a design which presents a striking profile that impresses at first sight. It can easily fit in with any décor and create a look of top class. It also adds a touch of elegance to the home with its delicate and intricate profiles.

Timeless classic will transform your home into a place of beauty and show all of your friends that you have the ultimate in taste and style. Timeless is used to describe the country, classic, contemporary, or traditional style because it does not present a trend. Instead you will have a design that will withstand the test of time. You can further enhance the lines by creating a recessed panel which provides additional character and charm.

Modern simplicity gives you parallel lines which provide a simple, but streamlined effect. Lines are clean and crisp and are suitable in elegant surroundings. This style can fit in with any type décor without detracting from the elegant beauty of your home.

Linear designs offer the homeowner the ultimate in expensive looking style and refinement. The multiple grooves provide you with an easy surface to clean but yet it still offers a pleasing appearance to the practical kitchen.

Individual looks have a rounded frame with soft curves which provide a special quality which cannot be found in the other styles. Mitered edges provide a graceful look that fits well into any type kitchen.

Creative profiles is a series of innovation and visual captivation. Just one look at these beautiful designs will tell the consumer what a difference this style will make in the home.

It takes more than just a door to create the look you want to achieve in your kitchen or bath. There are many special trims or decorative pieces that can be added to any style which will enhance the effect.

Albedor offers high quality and high style which is the desire of all homeowners. With your Albedor purchase you will know that you are making an investment in your home instead of just purchasing new cabinets. With their satisfaction guarantee, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your friends will envy you for your tastes in decorating and they will admire the quality which is apparent in all Albedor products.

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